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6th-Sep-2012 02:00 pm - Question about vol. 5
the gazette ➙ kai
According to Amazon, Volume 5 (novel version) was suppose to come out Sept. 11 of this year. Today, I received an email stating they pushed the release date to Jan. 10 of 2013. But Books a Million still has the release date of Sept. 11, 2012. So my question is, will this be available (in English) the 11th of September or the 10th of January?

Any help with this is much appreciated.
2nd-Sep-2012 02:16 pm - novels for sale
smiles & sunshine :: hyuna
I everyone! I'm selling my copies of novels 1-3 over on my journal. The books are in English. I've also got some other older yaoi titles for sale, so take a look if you're interested! Thanks :)
22nd-Jun-2012 07:54 pm - Translations Drama cd
Hi!! I'm just wondering, does anyone have the translations to the 4 drama cds? I haven't come across any and my Japanese is still quite poor -_-....

Please help~ 
Thank you for this community!
Hello Pi
We waited a long time, but now, we know we didn't wait for nothing. June/DMP finally gives us news of the last volume of OTRFK! It will be released on August 29, 2012. (I wish they would have released it this month since I will leave the USA in a few weeks *sobs* Now, I will have to suffer as an international buyer)

You can see the English cover below. The sad thing is we don't see Kazuki and Wataru holding hands. =( (Damn June banner)
The second thing that I noticed: Where is the freaking English subtitle of the book which should be The Finger Never Sleeps? It is not even mentionned that it is the 5th book. I hope that June will make some changes on the cover because it feels a little blank compared to the other covers.

EDIT:  Thanks god, the cover was modified so it would look like the previous volumes and we get to see Wataru and Kazuki holding hands ^^

You can already pre-order it on Amazon.com (which definitely have a different release date... V___V)

EDIT 07/22/12 The book is now available on Akadot.com ^^

Now, we just have to wait a little more. I will definitely re-read the previous novels before I get my hands on this. *_____*
26th-Jan-2012 07:24 pm - Only the Ring Finger Knows Volume 5
Finally, there is a notice about the Only the Ring Finger Knows last volume!
The volume 5 should be released by in fall 2012.

Looking forward to it.


(The news was first seen at mada2's LJ)
9th-Dec-2011 01:46 pm(no subject)
[laugh] sakura
[20] Odagiri Hotaru works


Here @ argent_pourpre
15th-Aug-2011 08:21 pm - translations updates?
everything on everything
I'll have another update up by the end of the week. :) I'm finally done with summer classes and I have the rest of this week to chill and take it easy. School has kept me busy as well as some unexpected trips to the hospital. Stress got to me and I had some bad reactions. So I plan to rest up and make the next update post. Sorry for the delay and thank you for being so patient.

When the next installment is posted, I'll delete this post so it's not spamming the community. :)
10th-Apr-2011 01:29 am - Volume 5 translations
everything on everything
Vol 5. That Finger Alone Will Not Sleep
DIE KRAFT DER RINGE (Force of the Rings)

pg 7-11

pg 11-19

pg 19-29

Disclaimer: The story of the series is written by Satoru Kannagi and illustrated by Hotaru Odagiri. We make no profit from these translations. This project is simply because we want to share the story with others.

Journal posts are F-locked, so you'll have to add my journal and comment on this post or my friend's only post to read. Next installment will be up soon. :)
15th-Mar-2011 12:10 am - Just a short memo
Soldier, StuffBear
According to this spreadsheet, Kannagi-sensei has checked in and confirmed her safety after the March 11 earthquake. The status of Odagiri-sensei is still unknown.

EDIT: March 17th, there is an update on Odagiri-sensei's blog (thanks to lulubg's info): http://www7a.biglobe.ne.jp/~ethereal-code/3_infotop.html

Hope that the situation will not get any worse for everyone in Japan. Please consider donating to your local Red Cross chapter (hope Germany will not be offended that I forgot she has a Red Cross office)
24th-Jan-2011 10:27 pm - Cosplay
Hey guys,

We did a cosplay for OtRFK recently and would like to share the pics with you guys ♥

Harmony/myself as Wataru | moonblader as Yuichi
Photography by Bubby and lunarfish


PLEASE BE WARNED that there are two photoshoots in that entry - there's also an Antique Bakery (another yaoi series) cosplay we did, but you can scroll past those photos for the Ring Finger ones :D

Thanks for letting us share!
~ Harmony
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